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Keystone Teen Character and Leadership Program

Keystoning is the Boys & Girls Club Movement’s most dynamic teen program. It affords teens an opportunity to gain valuable leadership and service experience. Teens conduct activities in
four areas: academic success, career exploration, community service, and teen outreach.

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Club members ages 13-18 achieve academic success through homework help, tutoring, and high-yield learning activities and encouraging members to become self-directed learners. Homework help and tutoring take place Monday-Thursday from 4pm-6pm.

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High School Basketball Game live showings

Live High Sports are broadcast in the event room brought to you by Sports Primo and the NFHS network.

Music Studio introductions program

Club members learn how to use recording equipment and soundboard to make their own music and get performance opportunities.

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Clothing printing press workshop

Club members learn how to print on clothing and entrepreneurship is encouraged through their
own creativity.

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Teen Podcast 

Club members learn how to create their own podcast and then use their skills to voice what
matters to them on the Santa Fe Boys & Girls Club podcasting channel.

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Drivers Education - (coming soon)

Chess Club - (coming soon)

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